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How can I get 90 in my PTE spelling?


Many students have always said that it is difficult for us to get a perfect score for spelling in the PTE exam. And it usually affects the scores of writing and listening.

So is there any way we can improve our typing and spelling?

The answer is yes.

Our teacher at Real PTE has developed four methods to solve this problem.

Method one.

Some words are easy for us to make mistakes, especially words that contain the letters a and e.

So our teacher summarized the most misspelled words. You can get the word list for free only by joining our telegram group!

Method two.

Practicing one essay on Microsoft word every day, and insist on typing without correct spelling function and copy&paste function. 

Participate in our one-to-one writing course, the teacher will correct your spelling, ideas and grammar for you. It only takes a short time to understand what vocabulary you often misspelled. It also improves your typing speed and grammar skills.

Method three

Use our Real PTE website to do write from dictation and summarize spoken text exercises, which can not only help you to recite the real questions, but also improve your spelling skills.

Method four.

Allow enough time for review and inspection. In summarize spoken text, write from dictation, summarize written text and write essay part, it is crucial to allow a quick check time of half a minute or even a few seconds. More than 80% of students can find at least one spelling error in the exam within few seconds.