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How can we crack PTE writing test?

Writing may be one of the most difficult topics in obtaining successful PTE results. It requires you to understand the questions, structure, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation. We need to memorize an effective template and use correct grammar and vocabulary. The best technique for writing is: repeated practice and feedback.


What is the PTE writing problem like?

This is an academic writing test to test all your writing skills. You have 20 minutes to write an argumentative essay of 200-300 words related to the topic. In the exam, you will perform 1 or 2 writing essay tasks.

How do I get a high score in PTE writing?

To get a high score in PTE writing, you need to have a deep understanding of writing methods.

For example, in the exam, there is a high-frequency question about the impact of getting married early.

First, you have to make sure that your template is correct and there are no grammatical errors.

Secondly, you need to understand certain grammar and sentence patterns.

Third, you need to have a clear idea about this topic.

For example, the benefits of getting married early are: having a partner-you can support each other with your family-focus on your career-and achieve success.

Disadvantages of getting married early: high economic pressure-the possibility of large debts-destroying the relationship between partners-causing psychological illnesses.


Write and review

You should divide the 20-minute paper time into the following parts:


1 minute planning + 17 minutes writing + 2 minutes checking for grammatical errors


A 1-minute plan means that you should understand the topic and find relevant ideas. You must ensure that you respond to all the keywords in the article prompts.

We do not recommend a very detailed outline because it may be a waste of time.

We recommend that you keep your thoughts in your mind, and you can make simple records to avoid forgetting.

Before writing a PTE paper, you need to know the following:


You must indicate which side you support.

The topic of the topic sentence of the two body paragraphs. These themes will represent the main ideas of both sides of the argument. The second paragraph is the concession paragraph, which expresses the benefits of the opponent's point of view.

The third paragraph is your own opinion, which means that your opinion is the best.

This is the structure:


  1. General background.
  2. Rewrite the question
  3. Explain what side of the argument you will present in this essay.

Body 1:

  1. Opponent ‘s main idea
  2. Support idea
  3. Support idea 2
  4. Example

Body 2:

  1. My main idea
  2. Support idea
  3. Support idea 2
  4. Example


  1. Summarise your two main ideas
  2. Recommendation 

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