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Improve your listening ability in the PTE test

People use their ears to listen every day. Voices include the voices of friends and family, colleagues and strangers, and even voices in news and TV series. All these require you to have a good listening ability to understand and communicate with other people.


Although the PTE-A test is divided into 4 different modules: reading, writing, listening and speaking, the listening module has its importance. why? Only a good audience can become a good speaker. You can only give feedback if you understand what other people say. For example, the Retell lecture and Summarize spoken text question types in the PTE exam. However, we will delve into the importance of "listening" today.


The listening part of the PTE-A test

One characteristic of PTE listening questions is that they can only be listened once. You need to start answering the question after listening to the question once, and there is no chance to listen to the listening material one more time. So, you should pay attention to the content and focus on the key words while listening.

The multiple types of listening parts make the test more difficult. In fact, thousands of students who take the PTE test report that listening is the most difficult part. So, how to deal with this module?


Next, I will introduce some techniques to improve listening ability.

1. Method one.


Concentrate on understanding the key words in each sentence whiling listening because this may be the message of the answer. With a slight distraction for 1-2 seconds, you may not be able to locate what you are hearing. When you encounter a problem, you ultimately cannot choose the right answer. Therefore, maintaining a high degree of concentration is the focus of listening questions.

2. Method two.

Take notes

Taking notes while listening is a good habit and it is very useful in PTE exams. Please do not rely on your memory, because a large amount of information may make it difficult for you to remember all the information. Write down some keywords that can help you recall the main ideas and key parts of the article.

3. Method three.

Adapt to different accents

Most non-native English speakers have difficulty understanding specific accents. Have you noticed that some people find Canadian accents difficult, while others find Indian or Australian accents difficult to understand?


Well, in the PTE listening test, you may hear accents from all over the world: Australia, New Zealand, India, United States, United Kingdom or Canada. You must adapt to as many accents as possible. 

Practice more and do not skip any accents! For each accent, you have to practice and try to understand especially some key words and sentences, so you won't panic when you encounter the situation in the exam.